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Featuring 18+ guest speakers, so you can be inspired and develop the tools you need to start healing your anxiety and/or depression. 

Experts and topics include...
- Trauma Healing
- Integrative Mental Health
- Meditation
- Nondual Meditation
- Zen Priest
- Mindset Coaching
- Conscious Creation
- Holistic Health and Vibroacoustic Therapy
- Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist
- Chinese Medicine / Acupuncturist
- Functional Medicine Practitioner
- Gut and Hormone Health Expert
- Master Health & Transformational Lifestyle Coach
- Clinical Psychologist
- Buddhism
- Noetic Sciences
Special guest speaker topics include...
- A Rape Survivor Who Also Lost Her Unborn Child

- A Voice for the Gay Community in Vietnam, Disrupting Social Norms

- A Mother Turned Restauranteur Who Healed Her Young Daughter with Food as Medicine
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