Are you awakening in your spirituality and striving to become the best version of yourself? If yes, my show is for you!
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As you continue to awaken in your spirituality, your self-awareness becomes heightened around negative “stuff,” such as:

- self-limiting beliefs
- self-doubt
- fears of rejection & failure
- unfulfilling relationships
- the lack of wellness for the mind, body, and soul
- living an inauthentic life

To overcome all this “stuff,” we must understand the human experience. Part of thriving as a human being includes knowing the fundamentals of these life ascension pillars:
The content of each of my episodes addresses these pillars. Once you fundamentally understand all of this and integrate each into your way of life, you become the best version of yourself each and every day. And you’ll ultimately realize your infinite potential and finally live your authentic purpose-driven life!
The creation of my online show is born out of my own stories of pain, suffering, and healing. My life was once filled with lack of worthiness, insecurity, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and unfulfilling relationships. To give some examples, I had an addiction to ambien (a highly addictive drug for insomnia). I partied a lot (yes - that included drugs and alcohol)! Out of the 4 jobs I held throughout my career, I got fired from 3 of them. Life got so dark for me at one point that I woke up one more morning and sliced my left wrist numerous times.  
Resilience is what got me through all of my struggles. I also finally stopped wearing a mask and started living a life unapologetically and authentically true to myself.
My online show represents all the different aspects of self-healing that I embodied and have integrated into my lifestyle. I've realized my infinite potential, because of it all. I am living a transformed purpose-driven life. I experience pure love, joy, and peace all throughout my life. I also now have so many deeply meaningful relationships. My life gets better every day! In fact, I transform every day, because I continue to become a better version of myself. 
This online show features 20+ amazing human beings who are not only fascinating experts in their fields but also exemplify resilience and are living their unique purpose-driven lives! You will get the tools you need to diminish negative self-talk, heal your body, experience truly fulfilling relationships, and appreciate spirituality. 
Let’s activate your resilience, register below and come watch my online show!